How Much Does A Divorce Cost In Tennessee?

In our initial consultations with clients, one of the first questions asked is how much the divorce will cost? Divorce costs are understandable concerns. Although it is important to seek value in legal representation, cheaper is not always better. Low-fee divorce attorneys often maintain heavy caseloads to compensate – providing minimal attention to each case. In the same way, avoiding litigation can cut down on your divorce costs, but being too eager to avoid litigation can weaken your hand at the negotiation table.

So – how much will my divorce cost? Short answer? It depends.

Although self-representation and uncontested divorce are always options, they aren’t great choices for most couples. There are many nuances and complexities to family law. If you give up essential rights on your own, it can be very costly – even impossible – to get them back.

Because each case is unique and different and each case has their own specific circumstances – an experienced divorce and family law attorney needs to understand your specific situation before providing an accurate estimate. Additionally once an attorney understands the specifics of your case, then he or she can recommend a divorce strategy that will be best for you based on your goals and desires.

Agreed Divorce Filing

In Tennessee, an “agreed divorce” is the fastest and cheapest divorce. It normally applies to people without minor children, those without property or businesses, and those without retirement benefits. When there are no children and no property to divide, divorce paperwork is relatively straightforward.

Divorce Costs – Contested vs. Uncontested

Uncontested Divorce

There are options for couples to get an “uncontested divorce.” This means there are general irreconcilable differences between them, but no specific fault is assigned. An uncontested divorce is possible even if a marriage ended due to cheating, abuse, cruelty, desertion, or other serious issues. Due to the fact that most issues are resolved before you even file for divorce, this will save you time and money during the process.

Contested Divorce

If proving your spouse’s fault is important to you, you can hire an attorney to call witnesses and obtain testimony. However, it will cost more and take longer to complete this process. When there is no major issue in your marriage, but your spouse does not want a divorce, you should file for a contested divorce. Essentially this means that one side opposes the divorce or contests it.  You will eventually get divorced if you file for a contested divorce, but it normally takes more time and money with the divorce process. Just because a spouse does not approve of a divorce does not mean that the divorce can be stopped.

How Much Does a Divorce Attorney Cost in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, attorneys typically charge between $200 and $400 per hour. This cost of a divorce attorney is standard for an experienced divorce and family law attorney. Family law attorneys are usually paid hourly, and their hours are tracked throughout the case. To hire an attorney, you must sign a retainer contract. When the case is straightforward and the spouses are already in agreement, some law firms offer flat-fee divorces.

Some Types of Expenses in Divorce

The vast majority of the expense of a divorce will be your attorney fees; however, there are other fees that may be needed:

  • Filing Fees
  • Service of Process Fees
  • Subpoena Fees
  • Real Estate Appraisal Fees
  • Witness Fees
  • Private Investigator Fees
  • Court Report Fees
  • Mediation Fees

Who Pays For Attorney Fees in a Divorce?

This is another question that we get asked frequently. In most cases, clients come to us seeking a divorce because of something their spouse did. Dissolution of marriage is perceived as a result of their spouse’s fault and they believe he or she should bear the financial burden.

The attorneys for each spouse in a divorce are generally responsible for their own fees, but there are laws that allow one spouse to be reimbursed for reasonable attorney fees. The recovery of your attorney fees cannot be accomplished simply by requesting them because you have been injured or wronged; it can only be accomplished in certain circumstances . It is best to consult with an experienced family law lawyer to discuss these options.

People who are frugal and financially strapped often contemplate doing their divorce on their own, but this is rarely a good idea since you don’t know what you don’t know.

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