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We represent both Petitioners and Respondents in Order of Protection cases.

An Order of Protection (OP) is a civil petition that normally occurs in Circuit Court in the State of Tennessee. Orders of Protection usually occur after the Petitioner (the person who believes they are in immediate and present danger of abuse), files a document with the Circuit Court Clerk known as a petition. Petitions are usually available as a fill-in-the-blank document available at the Circuit Court Clerk’s desk and are sometimes available for download online (depending on the county). The petition requests that the court issue an Order of Protection against the Respondent (the person against whom the petition is filed). Orders of Protection apply to family members, couples or people in a relationship, members within the same household, persons who allege stalking behavior, and persons who have been sexually assaulted.

The order of protection, once filed, can accomplish the following:

  • Award short-term child support
  • Award temporary child custody to the petitioner (the alleged victim)
  • Protect family pets from harm or abuse
  • Require the respondent (perpetrator) to cease all abusive or harassing actions
  • Require the respondent to vacate a shared residence

When should I consider getting an order of protection?

You should immediately seek an order of protection if your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or relative is intimidating, assaulting, or abusing you. Abuse of this kind is illegal, and you have the right to seek court protection.

Domestic abuse cases require proof of a special relationship with the respondent (person abusing, threatening, or harassing you).

Under Tennessee Law, in Knoxville, an adult or minor is eligible to seek an order of protection against another party if:

  • Blood Relatives
  • Children (adult or minor) of parties involved in relationships listed above
  • Current or Former Spouse
  • Dating, have dated, or have had a sexual relationship in the past or currently
  • Related by Adoption
  • Relatives by marriage or had been relatives by marriage
  • Roommates or have lived together
  • Victims of sexual assault or stalking

When you file an order or protection, you will be required to fill out, in writing, all the facts describing your reasons for seeking protection. You will then be required to swear an oath, under penalty of perjury, that the facts about your case are accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Whether you are seeking an order of protection, or one is being filed against you, it is vitally important that you obtain legal representation. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, harassment, sexual assault, intimidation, or stalking, you have a legal right to seek protection against such behavior.

Alternatively, your freedom and civil liberties could be seriously compromised if you are about to be served with an order of protection. It is imperative to address this matter as soon as possible.

We represent both Petitioners and Respondents in Order of Protection cases.

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Although some people choose to handle Orders of Protection on their own, those who do most often find themselves at a considerable disadvantage against a party (Petitioner or Respondent) that is represented by an attorney.  If you believe you are about to be served an Order of Protection, or have been served already, contact our Knoxville order of protection lawyers for representation.

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