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We understand that family dynamics can be complex, and we are here to help grandparents navigate the legal process when they seek to provide a stable and loving home for their grandchildren. As a grandparent, you may be wondering about your legal custody and adoption options. There are certain family situations that may lead to grandparents adopting grandchildren. Parents can become unfit to raise children if they are deemed unfit or they can pass away simultaneously. There are a number of reasons why a parent might not be suitable to raise their child. In addition, courts must determine if grandparents are capable of raising their grandchildren. If you have questions about this process, speak to an experienced Tennessee grandparent adoption attorney for help.

Why Grandparent Adoptions Matter

Grandparent adoptions are a unique area of family law that holds significant importance in the lives of both grandparents and grandchildren. These adoptions typically occur when parents are unable or unwilling to care for their children due to issues such as substance abuse, incarceration, or abandonment. In such cases, grandparents step in to offer their love and support, often becoming the primary caregivers.

When Can A Grandparent Adopt?

Two main circumstances that may allow a grandparent to adopt a child are when the child’s parents are unable to raise the child or if both parents have passed away. An involuntary termination of parental rights occurs when a court determines that parents are not fit to raise their children. Parental rights are terminated based on several factors. The family courts will examine past and present behaviors and incidents. In cases of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or failure to support a child, parents can lose their parental rights. A parent’s excessive substance abuse is also considered.

Mental illnesses can deem a parent unfit to raise a child. Some examples include psychosis, bipolar disorders, and other mental disorders that prevent a parent from raising the child in a safe, stable, and secure environment. Not every instance of a mental disorder like psychosis can make a parent lose their rights as long as the mental disorder is managed with treatment. The parent may be unable to raise a child in a safe, stable, and secure environment because of psychosis, bipolar disorder, or another mental disorder. When treated, mental disorders like psychosis can’t make a parent lose their rights as long as they are managed.

When it comes to making the final decision, the courts will look at whether the parents have taken every step possible to correct these grounds for a parent to be deemed unfit. 

Grandparents’ Ability to Raise Children is Determined by the Courts

A judge will determine not only whether parents are qualified to raise children, but also whether grandparents are as well. An adoption cannot be granted until this is completed. Courts will apply the best interests of the child standard in these cases. A child’s best interests are taken into consideration when making legal decisions that affect his or her future. Among the factors considered by this standard are the child’s health, safety, protection, and education.

As part of the court process, Tennessee courts will consider the grandparents’ relationship with the child, the effects of this major change on the child, and whether they have committed criminal activities that might negatively impact the child.

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