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Knoxville Paternity Lawyers

Helping Mothers & Fathers Establish Paternity in Tennessee

The legal recognition of paternity between a man and an unmarried child is known as paternity. Paternity has to be legally established before a man can obtain visitation rights or joint or sole custody of his child. A mother must be able to establish paternity legally before she is eligible to receive child support. Contact a Knoxville paternity lawyer for help!


About half of all children born in the United States are born to unmarried parents. Even though single parenthood is common and accepted, many parents still experience sadness and angst when faced with the possibility of raising their children alone or with limited support (emotionally and financially) from the other parent.

Establishing Paternity Voluntarily

Paternity may be established voluntarily in the state of Tennessee pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, sections 36-2-305 and 318.

Establishing Paternity Involuntarily

If at the time of birth, both parties are disputing who is responsible as the father, paternity must be proven involuntarily. To start this process, one party must file a petition to establish parentage pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, section 36-2-305. The mother, alleged father, child (via legal guardian), or the Department of Children’s Services may file this document with the court. DNA testing will likely be mandated by the court. After the DNA sample is sent to a lab and identified, the court will issue what is known as an order of parentage. The biological father will then be added to the child’s birth certificate after paternity has been legally established. The court may also address child support, custody, and visitation rights during this time.

Establishing paternity is extremely important to the mother, father and the child. 

Whether you are a father seeking a relationship with your child, or a mother seeking financial assistance to raise your child, establishing paternity is the first step to resolving the issues. Contact an experienced Knoxville paternity attorney for help.


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