Collaborative Law Mediation

An Amicable Approach to Marital Dissolution

There is no need for a contentious divorce. If you and your spouse are generally friendly and willing to cooperate, collaborative law might be the best way to navigate and finalize your divorce. Collaborative divorce an innovative method that allows partners to resolve disputes without involving the courts. Divorce using collaborative law is faster and less expensive.

The Collaborative Law Process

To approach your divorce collaboratively, each partner must retain collaborative attorneys who are trained in the process. Attorneys must agree – in writing – to assist the couple in reaching a fair and favorable settlement outside of the courtroom. Knoxville collaborative divorce attorneys meet privately with each partner to discuss their case and their goals.

In the event that the parties cannot reach an agreement, and either one or both of them elects to go to court, the attorneys and other team members are disqualified from representing either party or participating in the adversarial proceedings. By doing so, it encourages the parties and the attorneys to work together and resolve disputes, reduces the likelihood of excess conflict, and helps the parties resolve disputes more efficiently.

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